Hi there!

My name is Tania Lerro and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Creativity has been with me since childhood. And in every activity that has fascinated me, creativity and innovation have always been in the first place.

After almost 10 years of a successful career as a wedding photographer and wedding planner in Italy, I realized that the love for drawing and design, which I had since I was a child, needs to take the place in my life and I dedicated my time to designing and studying art.

I liked to draw since I was little, but I never thought it would become my adorable job, my world full of magic

I am excited to share my watercolor designs, beautiful printable templates and resources for designers full of love for creativity and inspired by the beauty of magical Italy, where I have been living for many years.

This site combines my love for illustration, photography, and travel. I hope you’ll be fine here.


If you are creative, in my shop you will find a large collection of watercolor clipart and design resources to make your project magical. I hope that in my store you will find something beautiful that will be perfect to create a beautiful project that fits your idea in every detail.

In the wedding and baby stationery section, you will find many designs to decorate your event in a magnificent way and make the party unforgettable.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.